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Our colleagues at Ludlow Food Centre make and prepare some of the best food in Britain. As Britain’s Best Farm Shop 2013 and Best Food Hall 2014 the Food Centre understands how to source the freshest, local ingredients.

We use the Food Centre as our giant larder. This means we can discuss cuts of meat and hanging times with the butchers, establish what the best time is to eat the dairy’s cheddar or ask the bakers about the varieties of bread we would like baking fresh tomorrow morning. This relationship means that almost everything we use to make the dishes on our menu is handmade in Ludlow Food Centre.

When we can’t source food on our own doorstep we look to our locale. Shropshire and our surrounding counties are full of wonderful produce. We work with farmers and growers beyond our own Estate to source seasonal produce such as asparagus, apples and local specialties like the Shropshire Prune Damson. Even though we are nowhere near the coast, we source our fish locally. River trout is fished sustainably on Chirk Farm just over the border in Cheshire which means it can be cooked the same day it is caught.

Please read about some of our amazing suppliers and click here to meet our colleagues at the Food Centre.

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